Pondo Patterned Crossbody Bag

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Guaranteed to add the classy traditional flare to your outfit, this beautiful handcrafted crossbody bag is more practical than a clutch and more fashionable than a backpack. It forms part of the Pondo range that is beaded by Sithembene Women’s Development Enterprise. The Pondos, a traditional group in the Eastern Cape, have had a history of adorning their clothing and jewellery based on their most popular plants, trees or animals. Owning products from the beaded range is often associated with high status, as beads were traditionally known to be very expensive and could only be accessed by people who were involved in some form of trading at the coast.


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Weight 3.45 kg
Dimensions 300 × 230 × 300 mm


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Pondo Patterned Crossbody Bag

Pondo Patterned Crossbody Bag